A Woman Who Decided To Start Living Her Dreams In Her Backyard

My name is Cassie Gilman and I live in a small rural town in NE Oklahoma. I grew up in the country and around farm animals all of my life. I use to show in 4h and FFA. I loved that life and have spent many years trying to get back to my roots.

I am a single mom of 2 grown children who have beautiful families. I am a proud grandma AKA Non/Nonnie to 5 grandchildren. I purchased my own home in 2020 that has almost an acre of property in town. It has 3 large lots and plenty of room for sure. I had already started my backyard farm at my duplex with chickens in 2019 so the move to the bigger home and property was perfect for me.

I have been working on growing my little farm and learning all I can. I now have 2 dogs, Harley the guardian dog and Lucy the new corgi pup that was my dream dog. I have 14 chickens and one Nigerian Dwarf nanny goat. I plan on growing this little backyard farm as much as I can with out my neighbors hating me.

I am learning gardening skills and doing as much training and learning while this place grows daily. I hope you enjoy being in this journey with me!


Stripes the nanny goat

Harley the guardian dog and Lucy the boss!


Andi’s Mints and one was missing when I took pic lol

Conway and Loretta


Barbara Jean


Cagney and Lacy