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It’s a process!! 

How many of you thought when you got saved you would automatically have it all together? 

How many of you have a dream from God and thought you would be walking in it to the full tomorrow? 
I have thought all of these things!  

I found out a long time ago that I wasn’t going to be where I wanted to be in my walk with God by my expectations. When I was younger I had a few  mentors and it looked to me on the outside they had it all together. They were around 40 years old. So I decided by the time I’m 40 I am going to have it all together. I was going to be a super spiritual woman, super mom, super wife, with a super man husband and a super ministry. 

40 passed me by two years ago. A couple of weeks ago I started to have a pity party because things didn’t look like I thought they would by 42. (Maybe I had on the wrong glasses???)  

It’s always good to have goals to go towards. God tells us to write the vision down and run with it. What happens when you trip a few hundred times on the way?  Maybe you took a wrong turn or couple hundred lol 

“The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭24:16‬ ‭NLT‬‬

I was saved when I was 8. I have fallen many times on my walk. I have taken so many detours! BUT I have a loving Father who never took His hands off of me!  Have you ever taken your children somewhere and you gave them some freedom to walk away from you but they were never out of your reach of safety?  God is the same way. Your never out of His reach!!!!

When I put on my right glasses I saw I have come a long long ways. Yes I still fall down but I get back up. I have a loving God, amazing husband and children. I am daily growing in HIM and in the process of ministering. 

Our walk is a process! Our purpose and dreams they are a process. When Jesus was 12 He thought He was ready to go out and do His ministry. He ran off from His parents and was found in the temple.  I am sure He very well could have been ready but Gods timing for Him wasn’t. Maybe you feel your where you need to be and something is holding you back. It could be that someone else isn’t ready for their part in your journey. 

So what are you ready for?  Today! Gods grace and mercy are new each morning.  So today you ask God what am I processesing for today?  Show me what you want me to do today!  He might have you praying for others, smile at the cashier or preaching on a street corner. Whatever He has for you today say YES!  If we can’t say yes to today how will be be processed for tomorrow?

Do you have dreams for a business, to do something big like climb Mt Everest or a vision for your ministry?  Ask God what is that one thing WE can process together today?  Maybe He will have you write it down, tell a close friend, work out your physical body to prepare, research or study to be ready.  Whatever it is DO IT!  It’s a process that will prepare you for tomorrow! 
Just never ever forget 

It’s A Process


Cassie Nations

Dream Catcher 3:20