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Fall Is On The Horizon

I am so very excited because we are at the middle of August now. That only means one thing to me… Well two lol. One my daughters birthday is coming up and FALL is on the horizon.

Fall is my absolute favorite season. I love the smell in the air of the leaves that are falling and decomposing. I know that sounds weird but I love it. I love being able to wear a hoodie. I maybe a hoodie junkie. A fall firepit is the best ever.

What else about fall do I love? Hmm. Football, chilli, fall festivals, the colors and so much more. My energy level rises way up. I told my sister the other day I couldnt wait until fall. She asked me why. When I told her that I have more energy in the fall she totally freaked lol. She already thinks I have way too much energy.

I went on a hike this last weekend and it was awesome. I want to go back this fall and see the drastic change in the area. ♥️

I feel like I am going into a fall season in my spiritual walk as well. I know there are somethings that will fall off and decompose in my life. This may sound like a painful season, but oh the spring season that will come down the road!

I know that I have deep rooted hurst and leftover trauma from my past. Those things that have caused hardness in me will begin to drop away. I will bloom again, stronger and even more beautiful than ever.


I would love to hear a few of your favorite things about fall. Please leave me a comment and share yours thoughts.

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman