Monthly Archives: January 2023

Start Small But Start Now


What can you do right now that is towards your dreams and goals?

I know someone who has written out choices for names, menu ideas, started experimenting with what they might want to serve in a restaurant type business. They are not sitting around waiting until the mother load đź’° drops in their laps to just open it.

I created a name in 2010 for my dream. I had the logo designed by my daughter. I created a social media presence and it is 2023 and still in a process of getting to where I want it!

I live in town but dream of owning a small place in the country for cattle and a horse. I started with being homeless when I moved here to renting in 5 months to owning in 3 years. I started with chickens at my second rental home and now have ducks, chickens and a goat! One day I will have a place or be connected with a place to have the other livestock as well.

I also want to travel and camp all over places. I watch videos and learn how to cook, what items I need for traveling like that. I have been purchasing items a little at a time.

I am building an outdoor Dutch oven and kitchen are. I watch videos and gather and build one piece at a time.

Never sit on your bum and let it all pass by.

Also don’t get your undies in a bunch when you see someone else step out to do your dream! All that says is IT IS POSSIBLE! It doesn’t say well I can’t now because they did it first!

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