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Week 2 Of Slow Down

As y’all know we are finding ourself facing a situation in our Country and World that we have never faced before. A lot of unknowns, fears and obstacles. We do not know who or what to believe.

There is one thing I know and that is we CAN TRUST AND BELIEVE GOD.

I will tell you how I am dealing with all of this. There are moments I am not dealing well. I allow a thought to get out of control. I binge eat, I get angry, and I spiral out on some social media rant or vent to a friend. I could pretend I have it all together or I can be real and honest. So I’m going with real and honest.

Now I will not leave it at the negative side of things. Here is what I do when I find myself doing the things above. I stop and force my phone out of my hand and turn on Praise and worship music. I turn my alerts off on my phone. I will turn on a podcast that is funny or a sermon podcast.

I have been waking up every night with a feeling of “what will I find has happened while I was asleep?”. So I turn on my Bible app or Abide app that reads the Word to me

I have started cleaning projects and advice tips to help others out. Here is my latest one.

I have been watching my grandson to help give his parents a time out.

As of today, we have been told all non essential workers stay home. It’s yet to be determined if I am or am not included in essential workers. I clean homes. I create a safe and disinfected home for my clients. To them I am essential. However I also want to be safe and comply with this situation to get it under control.

These are thoughts I battle…

  • Am I carrying a life threatening virus to my clients homes or home to my family?
  • I am responsible for others lives in this job
  • If I don’t work I will have nothing because I am self employed and there is no unemployment for me or grants for me available
  • I need someone to make this official and make a mandatory demand so I am not carrying the weight of this decision. Stop giving me recommendations and opinions and make it a flat out clear picture.
  • Then it’s back to God help me trust and hear You because no one here knows what we are doing!
  • then usually a repeat of all the above!

I told you I was going to be honest.

So when those thoughts are overwhelming me, it’s when I have to drown them out with worship, prayer and word.

I have been taking naps, taking vitamin C, B12 and using my diffuser at night with Thieves and Peppermint oils. These are all things I am doing to keep my immune system up.

Now my biggest issue is eating too much and too often because I am inside too often. I am praying the sun is out soon here and temps rising. I need to be walking and in the sun. I have a vitamin D deficiency and it has caused physical issues as well. Oh yeah I am taking Vitamin D and Turmeric.

I have a Bible app and I look up verses on Fear, Peace, Provision and read those. I share with others what He is telling me. I am no different than anyone reading this blog. I have to fight the battle and remember He has already won the war!!

I would love to hear back from you. What verses are you standing on, what worship songs are you listening to, what projects are you doing?

Here is a list of mine.

  • Raise a Hallelujah song
  • Fear is a liar song
  • Psalms 91
  • Psalms 23
  • Cleaning out my fridge
  • Deep cleaning baseboards
  • Cleaning out cabinets and drawers
  • Gathering things to bless others
  • Binge watching funny shows like Golden Girls, Reba and Designing Women

Okay your turn ♥️

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman

Thankful Thursday

Okay so first I need to say, I didn’t skip day 8 lol. This blog challenge has been fun. I actually did day 8 on my business blog. I am going to insert the link here, so you can check it out.

Now for day 9!

Thankful Thursday

I slept in this morning and for that I am very thankful. I also had a text from someone close to me saying it was Thankful Thursday. They told me how thankful they are for me. What they didn’t know is that was my blog choice of the day!

I am thankful for so many things, places and people in my life. I am thankful that 3 years ago on this very date, God didn’t allow things to go too far so that there was no second chances in life.

I am thankful that though my heart has been broken more times than I can count, I serve the ONE who mends the broken hearted.

I am thankful that over all the years of life, God has never let go of me. There are many times I tried to get out of His reach, but His arm never runs out of length to hold on to me.

I am thankful that I have 2 amazing children. I am thankful that God hand picked their spouses for them and for me. I am thankful that God has blessed them with absolutely beautiful children.

I am thankful that even though I made many mistakes as a mom, God has always had my children in His hands. His grace and love has kept them.

I am thankful that I have a home now that is big enough to have 18 people in my living room for a baby shower. My daughter is having a little girl in April and I got to host the shower.

I am thankful that I am living in the quiet small town of Welch. I always said it would be a cold day in hell before I moved back. Oh it was hell alright that brought me back. However it was God who kept me here. I have been able to SEE this place through His eyes and not past hurts and pain.

Well that about sums up today. I could sit here all day and write my list.

I would love for you to comment back with a few of your own

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman

3 years WOW

Day 7 of blogging challenge is a look back post.

Three years ago, my heart that was barely holding together from years of hurts, was shattered into pieces. My dream marriage had turned into a year of some amazing times, some not-so-amazing times, to living a full-blown traumatic nightmare.

As the weather and seasons change, I have a physical injury that remind me of the last major waking nightmare. Sometimes when you have an injury it never heals all the way or scars so deep that it is sometimes irritated by the atmosphere or actions it is used in. 

My elbow still gives me fits when the weather changes or I use it too much. My elbow was injured when the man I was about to go do ministry with rung it out like a dishrag. We were packing to go do ministry and ended up in a knock-down drag-out, leaving the dreams and hopes I had of help for us shattered into pieces. It wasn’t the first time for physical abuse; however, it would be the last! It went too far and got too dangerous. The sad thing is I told many women don’t ever let them hurt you twice. Get the hell out! Literally get out of that kind of hell. Did I do this? No! I stayed for a year. The marriage was great when it was great. It was hostile and violent when it wasn’t great. There was no arguing without explosive anger. This created a constant state of fear and hard to breathe or know when to approach things which left me in a constant state of feeling like I had to hold my breath. This alone traumatizes a person and leaves physical, mental and emotional scars. Especially when you loved someone so deep you didn’t know where they ended and you began. 

Just like the elbow injury, there are deep scars that can be triggered by an anniversary date, a memory, a smell, a thought, someone else reminding you of a person or even someone else’s traumatic event, or the good mixed into those years or seasons that you terribly miss. 

Don’t get me wrong I made mistakes in this marriage where I caused some of my own scars; regrets from some of my own actions and reactions, to things said and done. I have had to heal and forgive myself as well as that person and others involved in that time in our lives. 

I know some people don’t understand why I share these things but you SEE… I refuse to allow the hell the enemy tried to destroy me with not be used for Gods glory!  

You say where is the glory in this??

Right here! I survived after my heart was totally destroyed beyond human repair. BUT God is in the Mending business. 

I survived yet another one of my decisions that caused me harm! It’s now made me make life-altering decisions with more prayer and caution. Sometimes I just don’t make them at all and God and I are working on that lol.

I survived domestic violence in a Christian (Ministry) home! I didn’t give up on God when I wanted to give up on Him and me! 

I’m forgiving myself as a person, who is human. I made mistakes as a wife, a friend, a daughter, and as a mom in my life. BUT I am learning I did way more right than wrong. The Devil likes you to keep that scale tipped to the wrong self-hate side. I am learning to forgive others by one second and one memory at a time! It’s not easy to forgive. It’s easy to say the words but the real action is only done with GODS GRACE AND FORGIVENESS. 

There are days I don’t recognize my own self. Some from the extreme grief and hurt that’s stirred up anger in me and reactions I will say were not God. BUT there are days I say who is that girl with boundaries and a boldness to not allow toxic people into my life!!! 

I have been able to help others walking through things that I have survived!

I have been able to be on my own with Jesus. Not co-dependent anymore!  

I spend more time alone than ever in my life before. I used to not be able to handle silence or being alone in my life. (Somedays I still don’t lol. But I am an extrovert). But there were years I couldn’t function without being around people. 

I used to be so codependent on others in my life that I had no idea who I was! 

Guess what… I am Cassie Gilman.

I am a mom and not as bad of a mom as I told myself I was for many, many years!  

I love small towns and back roads.

I love traveling to big cities and drinking coffee at coffee shops, but I am and will always be a country cowgirl at heart and roots.

I love my style of clothing and don’t care what others think about it.

I love my fire pits.

I love grilling outdoors.

I love fishing because I enjoy it AND NOT to impress a man lol!

I love certain ministers and authors and don’t giving a flying rip what others think. I’ll continue to walk the walk I need for Cassie to thrive. 

I love to travel and I am not afraid to do so alone. (I struggled some with this for about a year since I moved back here).

There is so much that I USED to adjust for others and their needs and opinions.

I no longer volunteer so much of me that my kids and grand-kids don’t even know who I am or what I look like or heck didn’t even know myself lol. 

So this is why I know that I have changed for the better. 

Even though I am still overcoming many heart issues and behaviors, I am stronger than ever. 

I may not be where I need to be but thank God I am not where I use to be!


Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman

Starting over daily

I am sitting on my front porch this morning watching the amazing creation of my Papa God come to life. Each morning the sun rises and a new day starts over. I was thinking about how we get that same opportunity each day as well. For that matter we get that with each breath we take in and breathe out.

See my Papa God gives us forgiveness that happened already on the cross. All we have to do is accept it. So when we recognize we just messed up and sinned against Him, we take a breath in and breathe out that past mistake. Then we walk right back into the knowing of being His child and being forgiven. I do not know about you but I have to be reminded of this all the time.

I am in a place in my life where I am trying to find my place again. Ultimately my place is with HIM, as His daughter and servant. However, finding my place in the community, in friends, in my purpose, in a role as a mom and grandmother is not always easy. But I get to start each day over as I discover what is not my place and what is.

See for several years my place was a codependent person, always doing for others so I would never lose them in my life. Doing for others is a good thing unless the reasoning behind it is not healthy. As time and hurts have went by, I have broken that cycle. Breaking this cycle left me at a place of discovering what is healthy and where my place is in life. So each day I start over with what I have learned and where I am at in this area. I have to let go of those years I was not aware of my sins and addictions. This is not easy when I still see the residual effects left on others lives from my past. This is when I have to trust my Papa is their Papa and He will heal what I broke.

I also spent at least 6 years in ministry, traveling almost every weekend with others. A life I felt so apart of, and loved. When my marriage fell apart I also lost that part of my life. I was a little wore out with it when I first came back to Oklahoma so a rest was great. As time has gone on, I have started missing that life. So here I am now trying to figure out where I belong in this part of my world. I am starting over each day with new opportunities and I just need to open my eyes and recognize them.

The last two years I have been finding myself again. Somedays I do not like the self I have found, other days I feel so strong. I have compromised somethings trying to fit in, trying to numb my pain and empty feelings. BUT each day I see that my Papa says it is a new day so you get to start over. Some of those days I end up repeating a past day, but each day I make the right choices I know He says way to go baby girl. The days I do not start over the right way, He says you will get it tomorrow, just DO NOT QUIT BABY GIRL!!!




Dreamcatcher 3:20

Eph 3:20

Dream wild dreams

Live wild lives for Him

Cassie Gilman

May You PROSPER in 2017

WOW IM SO JACKED UP! I have had people tell me that when God said He wanted to prosper us or may we be prosperous or when He spoke of this He wasn’t talking money! I just did a study on the Greek and Hebrew words and I call BULL ?!  
He wants us to prosper in every area of our lives. Spiritually, physically, and mentally! He wants your walk with Him to grow, your relationships to grow, your knowledge, success, finances and anything you put your hands to!!!  

Bible > Topical > Prosper

◄ Prosper ►

Jump to: Webster’s • Concordance • Thesaurus • Greek • Hebrew • Library • Subtopics • Terms

Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary

1. (v. t.) To favor; to render successful.

2. (v. i.) To be successful; to succeed; to be fortunate or prosperous; to thrive; to make gain.
3. (v. i.) To grow; to increase.

2141. euporeo — to prosper 

… to prosper. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: euporeo Phonetic Spelling:

(yoo-por-eh’-o) Short Definition: I have means, am prosperous Definition: I have … 

// – 6k

2137. euodoo — to have a prosperous journey 

… to have a prosperous journey. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: euodoo Phonetic

Spelling: (yoo-od-o’-o) Short Definition: I cause to prosper, have a happy … 

// – 7k
2127. eulogeo — to speak well of, praise 

… bless, praise. From a compound of eu and logos; to speak well of, ie (religiously)

to bless (thank or invoke a benediction upon, prosper) — bless, praise. … 

// – 8k
Strong’s Hebrew

6744. tselach — to prosper

… 6743b, 6744. tselach. 6745 . to prosper. Transliteration: tselach Phonetic

Spelling: (tsel-akh’) Short Definition: success. … promote, prosper. … 

/hebrew/6744.htm – 6k

6743b. tsaleach — to advance, prosper

… 6743a, 6743b. tsaleach or tsalach. 6744 . to advance, prosper. Transliteration:

tsaleach or tsalach Short Definition: prosper. Word Origin a prim. … 

/hebrew/6743b.htm – 6k
7951. shalah — to be quiet or at ease

… to be quiet or at ease. Transliteration: shalah or shale Phonetic Spelling:

(shaw-law’) Short Definition: prosper. … be happy, prosper, be in safety. … 

/hebrew/7951.htm – 6k
3787. kasher — to be advantageous, proper, or suitable, to …

… root Definition to be advantageous, proper, or suitable, to succeed NASB Word Usage

giving success (1), proper (1), succeed (1). direct, be right, prosper. … 

/hebrew/3787.htm – 6k
7919. sakal — to be prudent

… consider, expert, instruct, prosper, deal prudently, give skillful, have

good success, teach, A primitive root; to be (causatively … 

/hebrew/7919.htm – 5k
3190. yatab — to be good, well, glad, or pleasing

… makes…acceptable (1), merry (3), pleasant (1), please (1), please the better

(1), pleased (2), pleased* (9), pleases* (1), pleasing (2), prosper (4), reform … 

/hebrew/3190.htm – 7k
1878. dashen — to be fat, grow fat

… to be fat, grow fat NASB Word Usage anointed (1), become greasy (1), become prosperous

(1), find your acceptable (1), made fat (1), prosper (1), prosperous (1 … 

/hebrew/1878.htm – 6k
6743. tsalach — to rush

… transitive or intransitive) — break out, come (mightily), go over, be good, be

meet, be profitable, (cause to, effect, make to, send) prosper(-ity, -ous … 

/hebrew/6743.htm – 5k
7999. shalam — to be complete or sound

… an) end, finish, full, give again, make good, (re-)pay (again), (make) (to) (be

at) peace(-able), that is perfect, perform, (make) prosper(-ous), recompense … 

/hebrew/7999.htm – 6k
7965. shalom — completeness, soundness, welfare, peace

… prosperity, peace — X do, familiar, X fare, favour, + friend, X great, (good) health,

(X perfect, such as be at) peace(-able, -ably), prosper(-ity, -ous), rest … 

/hebrew/7965.htm – 6k

The key to this is as your soul prospers! Your soul is your mind, will and emotions!  How do you prosper those?

  1.  Through the renewing of your mind!
  2. Reading the word 
  3. Meditating on the word over and over 
  4. Prayer 
  5. Listening to His voice
  6. Praise and thankfulness 
  7. Casting down any thought not of God
  8. Walking in your God given Love walk 

So right now I declare 2017 PROSPEROUS!

Less of us and more of Him!

Deeper friendships and favor with people!

Healthy both mentally and physically!

Successful Marraiges!

Successful Ministries and Businesses! 

New life in your homes for those who are believing for babies or adoption!

And your BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING!  Finances are there to meet your needs and those God shows you!!!

Cassie Nations