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Interview with Robert Stowell




Robert Stowell has accomplished many things in the years he has been singing and entertaining all over the southeastern United States. However, Robert didn’t always dream of being a famous musician. Growing up in the little town of Lehigh Acres Florida, a small town just outside of Fort Myers in the southwest part of the state, Robert dreamed of playing baseball in the big leagues. After making it to the AA Red Sox as a pitcher, Robert broke his ankle, ending his baseball career.

During this period after his baseball career, Robert’s friends and family pushed him to become a country singer. Eventually he agreed, and started on a journey that changed his life forever. After a few years of playing fairs, festivals and many opening act spots, Robert created the Mud and Music movement that still is going strong today. He has played in more Mud Bogs than any other artist in The United States and still holds the nickname “King Of The Mud People.”

Around 2011 He started playing shows with The Bellamy Brothers and Brantley Gilbert, at that time a very little known artist . In 2011 Robert moved to Texas to spread his love for country music in the Lone Star State, and build his fan base through the Texas music community. That year He won East Texas Country Artist of the year, a huge achievement for a new Texas artist.

After hiring a whole new band, Robert amped his shows up another notch, and in 2012 won both Album of the Year and Entertainer of the Year. With his growing fan base and numerous awards under his belt, Robert Stowell was starting to live the dream. He had met with several record labels in Nashville and things were really starting to take off.

Robert took a short break from music, during which he got married to Christy Stowell and started to get his plans in place to return from his short hiatus. Robert and His new Wife Christy moved temporarily back to South Florida during this time. In the Summer of 2013, however, things took a tragic turn. Robert was diagnosed with a tumor on His pancreas, leaving him devastated and unable to pursue his love for music with any level of enthusiasm.

After this heartbreaking news Robert went to his long time friend and spiritual father, Tim Lighthall, and told his story to the entire church. They all gathered around Robert and prayed for him to recover. At this point, two strangers that Robert and his wife hadn’t explained the situation to pointed at Robert’s stomach and said, “Whatever is going on with you, it’s a lie and God says it’s gone.” Several days later Robert went for another CAT scan and MRI.

After reviewing his tumor for a second time with the doctor, on a computer in the doctor’s office, Robert was full of fear. But Robert went back to the cancer doctor a couple days later, and the the doctor told him enthusiastically, “It’s gone! There’s nothing there and we have no scientific reason as to where it went!” .

At that moment Robert gave his life and his career 100% to God. For the first time he could write songs and play his guitar, and God used him to create an entirely new sound called, “Country Worship.”


The summer of 2015 Robert’s brand new CD ” Fire Fall” was released.   A refreshed and healthy Robert Stowell, filled with The Holy Spirit, was able to deliver it. Robert truly believes this is going to change the world for the better, and bring God’s grace and will to every listener.

Robert says, “Above all things, I want to see the name of Jesus Glorified from my music, all over the Earth. That is my goal.”



Who was your inspiration in the music world?  I begin singing in the backseat of Moms car as a child….when I was a teenager I heard Garth Brooks and was amazed at his live show.


Robert you were a country singer for many years, now your sound and your lyrics have changed up. Can you share with us what happened in your life to prompt this change?  I have always known the Lord but when I was in my prime in the country music world I just had a feeling of uncomfort and not fulfilled, then one day I had went to the doctor and they found a tumor on my pancreas, I took it to my church family and they prayed over me, a few weeks later the doctor told me it had disappeared and he had no medical reason on where it went, praise God!. From that day on I told God I’m His and I am all in. God changed my sound and music totally to Glorify Him.


What genre of music do you feel you fit in?  I’m not sure how I fit in to any genre, God told me this new sound he has my ushering in is “Country Worship Music”

Your cd Firefall is full of some powerful worship songs. Did you write your own songs?  I’ve never been able to write music my whole life until my encounter with the Lord, then he gave me the words to write the Fire Fall cd.


What is your favorite song on this cd and why?  My favorite song on the cd is “Fire Fall” I can just feel the anointing on it so strong.


Robert can you share with us your vision for the next year?  My vision for the next year is to get this new sound out, get back on the road full time and to  see people’s lives changed and people healed by having an encounter with the Lord through this music.


If people want to book you into their church what can they expect to experience in one of your services?  People who want to book us in their church can expect an evening of the presence of the Holy Spirit and people being delivered, set free and healed through an encounter with God.


What is your founding scripture?  Luke 3:16. “I baptize you with water, but one comes after me who I’m not even worthy to un tie his sandals, and He will Baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with Fire”


For those out there feeling a call into a new area in ministry; what advice would you give them?  If you’re feeling a calling into ministry or a new area of ministry I say pray about it and Run into it! The Lord is telling the Body of Christ all over the World that “the time is now”…He’s putting all of His Chess pieces in strategic order and where He wants them for the last great revival, Praise God, pray pray pray and if your sure Gods telling you to do it….Do It!….



Robert has just released his first single “All That I Am” to go out to radio stations all over the world.  We are excited. Start requesting it today at your local stations.



Thank you Robert for this interview.




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