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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

When I was at conference this year I shared with the ladies 2 situations about domestic violence that was in homes.

One was a home filled with meth and addiction. A very sad situation that even when there was intervention the cycle continued.

The second was about a couple who loved God with all their heart. They stood on a stage in front of church members who loved them and got engaged, then had a wedding filled with ministers and loved ones. They loved each other with all their BROKEN hearts. Anger, bad self images, jealousy, confusion, fear and strife grew stronger than their faith and love. Verbal, Emotional and Physical violence became a habit. Anywhere from throwing things to threats and manhandling.

Don’t think this only happens in low income, drug addicts, and “non believers” homes.

This couple didn’t survive. They now both thrive in their own walks and God has taken their broken hearts 💔 and mended them in His way and timing.

Don’t wait until it gets to the point of breaking apart what you have or who you are. Get help, reach out!

Most of all safety is your first step.
Then get help from Godly men and women who will speak truth, give accountability and LOVE beyond the shock factor and LOVE you through your brokenness to a mended heart ❤️.

It doesn’t have to end in divorce but if it does don’t you walk around in shame like I did for so long.

God still will mend
God will still love
God will still forgive

#domesticviolenceawareness #dvam 💜💜💜