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A New Year A New You!

This year I have walked through a lot of negativity and hurts. I have had dreams smashed into pieces, along with my heart. This last month I have began to recognize wrong mindsets and habits that allowed some of these life sucking things into my life. I have been working on changing these habits and mindsets and I believe 2018 will be a New Year as well as A New Me!!

I have had failed relationships in my life; both friends and marriages. So in 2018 I’m going to discover myself. I am changing my focus to learning who God says I am, what my true likes and dislikes are, be true and honest to myself and fall in love with life. Below are some goals and tips to make this happen.

  1. Doing more things that I love! In 2018 I want to do more of what I love with out anyone complaining or detouring me to their thing! I want to drive down to the beach and put my toes in the sand! I would love to drive to Colorado and take my time stopping at little markets or historical markers. Of course there will be a lot of grandbaby loving this new year.
  2. Stop feeling like I have to explain why I’m single again! I am not happy that I’ve found myself single again and “divorced” but I have to accept it and embrace it as it is! My motto for this is I have nothing to hide, nothing to defend, nothing to prove and nothing to protect. It is what it is! I will embrace all this season brings. I get a bed to myself, I can eat what I want, I don’t have to check with someone else before I make a decision WELL BESIDES GOD! So these are the things I will focus on!
  3. Learn to Love Me! Gods commandments tell us to Love God with ALL our heart and to love our neighbor as ourselves! I can not truly love others until I know how to Love God with ALL MY HEART AND MYSELF! I need to learn to love me flaws and all! Then because I know just how much God Loves me and that He will never leave me in a mess, I will love myself right out of any messes I created!
  4. Enjoy my married friends! Sometimes as a single person we can feel like a third wheel! We avoid events and friends because we don’t want to be that third wheel. I’m going to be me and enjoy my married friends.
  5. Embrace my single friends! This next year I’m going to embrace my single friends. I know I am not the only one who finds times when all their married friends are busy with their significant others. I have found myself wondering who can I get to go out to eat with me or go hang out with. In 2018 I’m going to reach out to other singles. I want to make sure that they know they are not alone. I’m going to have get togethers at my home! I’m going to holler at them last minute and say let’s go to town and get out. I’m going to embrace both single male and female friends into this next year. Sometimes we forget that the opposite sex goes through the same things. They don’t always want a dating relationship but healthy relationships just like we do!
  6. Avoid all Drama and Negativity! The last two years I have had major negativity and drama. These two things can be addictive and life draining. This last month I have literally felt life drain out of me when I’ve been around it or been an instigator of it! So if I hear or see this in any area of my life I will do my best to speak and bring life into it! If for any reason that life isn’t received, I will high tell it out of that situation. God is LOVE AND LIFE! That’s all I want in my life!!
  7. Become A Whole Person! My daughter attended ORU and their focus is the whole person. Mind, Body and Spirit! So the things above I have set as goals for a New Year A New You, these are all things that I will be doing to achieve this goal. I will include healthier life choices in what I eat, exercise, and stress levels to reach this goal! I will spend more time in prayer and the word, take another Bible college class and just enjoy Gods creation!

So this is my New Year goals and more than that, my life commitments!!

I would love to have each of you join me on this journey!

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Nations