Monthly Archives: August 2020


I haven’t looked at the news in awhile. I try to scan past it on Facebook. This morning I checked in to make sure the rest of the world was still out there. I saw madness and darkness.

The world is getting darker by the day if not the hour. His word says it will do that but His Light in us will get brighter.

There is only one way for our light to get brighter and that’s filling up the lamp with the fuel source.

We have got to develop a deeper relationship with Him.

We want to fight the battles, be the light and the salt of the earth, but we skip the process that gives us the ability.

We have been discussing a lot of this as we fellowship together. So it has my heart going strong towards learning what the enemy is truly after and defeating him.

The enemies plan from day one has been to keep us from an intimate relationship with our Father God.

God came down and walked in the garden with Adam and Eve everyday. Then one day the enemy presented a short cut to “be like God.”

That shortcut to skip the fellowship and relationship and just take a bite of fruit.

What are we taking a bite of today? Facebook for a small word from a friend, a few second devotional on the run, a podcast preacher driving down the road to get our fix?

Today take time to fellowship with Him. Create your own garden to bask in His presence. Maybe it’s on your drive to work, on your front porch with coffee or in a hot bath. Talk to Him, listen to Him, worship Him and just sit with Him.

Love y’all

Cassie G