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Social Media Tips

Videos are back up. We had a scare yesterday in the social media world. Peoples videos were disappearing from their wall.
Here are some tips for y’all
If your ministering, singing, promoting a product of any kind Always go live on your ministry or business page. Facebook has guidelines on your personal page that are way stricter. At any time they can take down your post, videos or even profile.
Most of the time they let it pass and don’t do that. If one person reports you, they can shut you down.
I am in social media classes and have heard giants in this world say they had their things deleted and had to start over.
Post your written post to more than one social media platform. Post them on your websites, blogs, Twitter and whatever you have as a second option.
Save your video to your device. There is an option to save it right before you hit post.
Upload it to YouTube, post it on your websites and blogs. Post it again on all social media avenues.
Re share your videos as often as you can.
You can also save your previous Facebook videos from your computer. Download them and save. Then upload to a YouTube account.
This is a YouTube video showing you steps to do this action. I thought about making my own but this is quicker.
If you have questions please holler at me. I will do what I can to help.

Week 2 Of Slow Down

As y’all know we are finding ourself facing a situation in our Country and World that we have never faced before. A lot of unknowns, fears and obstacles. We do not know who or what to believe.

There is one thing I know and that is we CAN TRUST AND BELIEVE GOD.

I will tell you how I am dealing with all of this. There are moments I am not dealing well. I allow a thought to get out of control. I binge eat, I get angry, and I spiral out on some social media rant or vent to a friend. I could pretend I have it all together or I can be real and honest. So I’m going with real and honest.

Now I will not leave it at the negative side of things. Here is what I do when I find myself doing the things above. I stop and force my phone out of my hand and turn on Praise and worship music. I turn my alerts off on my phone. I will turn on a podcast that is funny or a sermon podcast.

I have been waking up every night with a feeling of “what will I find has happened while I was asleep?”. So I turn on my Bible app or Abide app that reads the Word to me

I have started cleaning projects and advice tips to help others out. Here is my latest one.

I have been watching my grandson to help give his parents a time out.

As of today, we have been told all non essential workers stay home. It’s yet to be determined if I am or am not included in essential workers. I clean homes. I create a safe and disinfected home for my clients. To them I am essential. However I also want to be safe and comply with this situation to get it under control.

These are thoughts I battle…

  • Am I carrying a life threatening virus to my clients homes or home to my family?
  • I am responsible for others lives in this job
  • If I don’t work I will have nothing because I am self employed and there is no unemployment for me or grants for me available
  • I need someone to make this official and make a mandatory demand so I am not carrying the weight of this decision. Stop giving me recommendations and opinions and make it a flat out clear picture.
  • Then it’s back to God help me trust and hear You because no one here knows what we are doing!
  • then usually a repeat of all the above!

I told you I was going to be honest.

So when those thoughts are overwhelming me, it’s when I have to drown them out with worship, prayer and word.

I have been taking naps, taking vitamin C, B12 and using my diffuser at night with Thieves and Peppermint oils. These are all things I am doing to keep my immune system up.

Now my biggest issue is eating too much and too often because I am inside too often. I am praying the sun is out soon here and temps rising. I need to be walking and in the sun. I have a vitamin D deficiency and it has caused physical issues as well. Oh yeah I am taking Vitamin D and Turmeric.

I have a Bible app and I look up verses on Fear, Peace, Provision and read those. I share with others what He is telling me. I am no different than anyone reading this blog. I have to fight the battle and remember He has already won the war!!

I would love to hear back from you. What verses are you standing on, what worship songs are you listening to, what projects are you doing?

Here is a list of mine.

  • Raise a Hallelujah song
  • Fear is a liar song
  • Psalms 91
  • Psalms 23
  • Cleaning out my fridge
  • Deep cleaning baseboards
  • Cleaning out cabinets and drawers
  • Gathering things to bless others
  • Binge watching funny shows like Golden Girls, Reba and Designing Women

Okay your turn ♥️

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman

Things To Do While Homebound

Okay so I truly have no clue what day this is on challenge. I barely know what day it is lol. It was after noon before I realized it was Saint Patrick’s Day.

I have made a list of things we can do at home while this situation in our country is being contained. Hope y’all can find peace and enjoy your down time.

If you have board games and cards stashed away GET THEM OUT!

Get out the coloring books and crayons
If you are out at all for supplies and can, run by a Dollar Tree you can purchase some there.

I saw some old fashion cards like go fish at Dollar Tree.
They have cards to teach kids in the school supplies section as well.

Dominos stuck down in a junk drawer? Dig them out.

Those books you have been going to read that you have in a goodwill pile now… get them back out.

Get our recipe books and teach your kids or your self lol measurements and how to make a recipe

Teach a child how to skip
Don’t have a child, skip yourself to lighten your heart and increase your heart rate

Draw a line on the side walk and play that old game we played as kids. Not sure the name lol NOT DOGE BALL, that’s just mean lol. You hit the back back and forth to each other for points

Shoot hoops, play HORSE

Play duck duck goose with your kids or
Jump rope

Stay physical and
don let depression take root.
Don’t let fear take root either.

I’m getting myself a coloring book
Find your inner child again!!!

Sing some VBS songs like Jesus loves me, This Little Light Of Mine, Oh what’s the one that says “if the devil doesn’t like it, he can sit on a tack” lol

These are just a few ideas I had. If you have any to share, I would love to hear them.

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman

My message on the Corona

Day 11. Well it’s actually day 12. However, I skipped yesterday.

I went and got some supplies and food to have for the emergency situation we have found ourselves in. I did not hoard, even though my mind fought fear in this area. I watched others struggling with fear, hoarding water, toilet paper and no wipes to be found in the store.

I have been up for hours now, listening to the word, and this message was strong in me.


I myself have wanted to have the attitude of this won’t happen here, this is a conspiracy, this is over dramatic etc, this is government control etc…

Churches canceling seems like a plot in a rapture movie…

Hear me out and no judging me. Y’all have your thoughts and questions!

Here is the truth WE ARE THE CHURCH!!

We can worship God with our families at home. This can not stop us from being the church.

Yes there are many issues with this situation. However IF WE DO NOT STOP PANICKING it will only get worse.

We can not keep running in masses to the stores and hoarding supplies. Number one your being selfish and greedy. Number two your in A CROWD of people 🤦‍♀️

Number three those who want to say it’s all fake and not serious, maybe it is and maybe it’s not. But why take a chance???

I have a new grandbaby on the way. Let me tell you this… the fact that hospitals in Italy have to turn away patients who need to be there for delivery of babies, HEART ATTACKS, STROKES, TRAUMA etc… because it’s filled with patients with this 🦠 virus means pull our heads out of the media, get on our faces before God, listen to our leader WHO GOD PLACED THERE that is saying if at all possible JUST STAY HOME.
Listen that is very hard for me. I hate being stuck at home.

I can go to work and clean homes making their homes a more sterile place to help them as well. I am blessed with my line of work.

If I go out I can respect the wash hands and don’t touch face guidelines and get what I need and get out of the crowds.

We have to listen to the Holy Spirit very closely right now.

Check on our elderly and shut ins.

Be strong in our faith for those struggling with all the thoughts in our heads. When one is weak the other can pull them back up. No one and I mean NO ONE is exempt from a moment of fear or weakness. So don’t pretend your better than anyone going through this hell right now. We all have our weak areas.

Yes laugh at the funny memes and have fun but don’t let it be at the expense of someone’s weakness.

We have people with loved ones in nursing homes and prisons that they can’t get to. It’s causing major grief and fear. Respect this. Check on them. They don’t think any of this is funny right now. That’s okay. Let them feel what they feel but love them through it.

I’ll tell you right now the situation of possible domestic travel bands, possibility of being told it’s a law to stay in my home, because there are areas that are restricted, other countries have major lockdowns going on… these are issues I have literally had nightmares about for many years. Movies maybe triggered it idk but it is a fear I have dealt with. So I won’t pretend I am here having it all together.

It is however my responsibility to get in my word, crank up my worship music, tell God I am scared 💩 less and ask Him to quiet my fear with His word and love. Then it’s my responsibility to share that same word and love with my kids and all who need it.

Today is a National Day of Prayer. We have a President who has found Gods love and no he isn’t perfect but neither are we. We need to love and support him. We need to pray for him today. We need to pray for our medical personal across the world. We need to pray for our politicians, those on the teams with cdc and leadership roles making life choices for us right now.

And for the Love of GOD ♥️(for reals) SHARE THE 🧻 🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻 TOILET PAPER, WATER 💧 AND FOOD 🥘 YALL STORED UP IN FEAR!!

God will provide.

Positive Life

Day 10 of blogging.

I am going with a podcast today.

I have been doing podcast for a few years now. I have done more of a radio program style in my past. This podcast has been more of a daily life podcast. I will have guest on whenever I can convince someone to join me lol.

I felt like this was a good one to go with today. I woke up early and wondered what I would find on Facebook when I woke up. What event has been canceled. Will they have us confined to our homes by Monday?

If your reading this years down the road, google Toilet paper shortage 2020 lol.

Seriously though… right now is the time to focus on Jesus. Find positive things to focus on during this time of crisis. I am preaching to myself as well.

The thought of being confined, controlled in anyway shape or form is a fear I have always struggled with. FEAR IS A LIAR.

I believe now is the time we step up as THE CHURCH.

I hope this podcast helps you in someway. I am working on focusing on the positive and speaking to the fear!

I’ll be recording more podcast. Please subscribe to keep updated.

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman